Gorgeous Interiors.

Buckingham Palace

I love interiors! And consequently I spend far too much time daydreaming about my ideal house right down to the smallest detail. I have already imagined its haveli/riad style architecture, its beautiful courtyard filled with tropical plants, its eclectic interiors and its location in Brazil. I even have an alternative design in case I remain in my less exotic homeland. I live in hope that one day I will realize my dream! So here is a collection of delectable and inspiring images from around the world for your enjoyment.

The eternal elegance of Robert Adam

1780--RobertAdamLansdowneHouseDrawi.jpg Drawing Room from Lansdowne House, London, by Robert Adam image by MAGNAVERDE

Daniella Issa’s beautiful eclectic house with furniture from Opium (London) http://www.opiumshop.co.uk/contact.htm.

The glorious Iford Manor near Bath is one of my favourite places to visit. It is home to one of the most idyllic of English gardens, designed in the Italianate style.

The exquisite V&A cafe – as spectacular as the Museum collections and a great place for afternoon tea and cake :).  The combination of the ornate Victorian room juxtaposed with the dazzling contemporary lighting is masterful.  I have seen similar lighting in other settings not looking nearly so magnificent.  Whoever decided on this addition to the cafe was truly inspired.

Grecian paradise!

French chic

South American Living

Romantic Balinese Interiors

Sumptious Indian design

Gorgeous Tunisian Homes

Morrocan Interiors

African Interiors


Gustavian style

Swedish Gustavian style

De Gournay wallpaper – to die for!!!

~ by laxshmirose on June 8, 2010.

6 Responses to “Gorgeous Interiors.”

  1. ah.. how i long for De Gournay.. 🙂

  2. … a great room is an art-work we can live inside … can tell you really enjoyed puttin’ this lot together … 23 pics! Biggest upload so far!!! … thanks for showing us these gorgeous spaces! 🙂

  3. 🙂 Yes I did indeed enjoy it! And I love the idea that home is a complete work of art that we live in and constantly work on, change and make beautiful – Yansing is proof of that! Oh Yan, one day we Shall have de Gournay wallpaper! Or maybe we can try painting some ourselves 🙂
    The Viennese Secession artists such as Klimt, Moser and Josef Olbrich had the idea to make total works of art (gesamtkunstwerk) which involved every detail of a room, from the architectural structure, to the paintings/ murals on the wall, the furniture, the tea set, everything! The British Arts and Crafts artists (William Morris, Mackintosh etc…) were trying to do the same thing – bring art into the furniture, fabrics and homes of ordinary people (as a reaction against the industrial revolution), but unfortunately it was just too costly. But if a person is creative then it is possible to create beauty out of almost nothing…

  4. I haven’t heard before about the gesamtkunstwerk but always enjoyed the concept. Beauty in everything, everywhere, great idea! If we love art, feel it enriches our lives and brig us to a higher level of joy and contentment why not have it all around. I love this last two posts, interior combined with amazing gardens makes a perfect environment. I was happy to see here the V&A cafe, one of the most beautiful decorated places I’ve been and a place where I have one of the most important moments of my life.

  5. Too beautiful…the details of an image/painting at the top of the page – where from?

  6. I love the pic, can you please provide me with more selection of wallpaper

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