Architectural Drawings and Drawings of Architecture.


William Harvey.  Drawing of the Alahmbra.

John Frederick Lewis


Oscar Neiymeyer.  Plan of Brasilia.

People who live there, or have visited, say that Brasilia has a great vibe.  In photographs though, Brasilia appears to be a vast and unappealing concrete jungle. I find it unsettling that a city is designed in the formation of a cold and functional machine. It is as though a statement is being made that the machine has begun to dominate man. On the other hand, airplanes symbolise freedom, and new horizons, but then again so do birds, and goats (in my opinion).

Brasilia was designed largely by Lucio Costa, Oscar Neiymeyer, and Roberto Burle Marx, and the entire city was built between 1956-1960. Incredibly Oscar Neiymeyer continues to work today despite being 105 years old!  His work has shaped 8 decades of Brazilian architecture.  Whether that is a good thing or not is a matter for debate, but either way he has certainly made himself a national institution.’s-work-continues-to-enchant-and-appall-students-of-architecture-and-urban-planning/


Sir Edwin Lutyens.


Altar for the Temple of the Spirit (Sketch for the creation of an altar at the Institute of Kinetics) 1969-70 by Lev Nussberg and Natalia Prokuratov.


Project: Transferring Cultural Heritage with New Technology.  Funded by the EU.


Leonardo da Vinci.

Surely the best draughtsman in the history of art.

Oscar Neimeyer.

George Aitchison. 1895. Leighton House.

Thomas Daniell. Hindoo Temples at Bindrabund. 1797.  Oil on Canvas. Royal Acadamey of Art, London.

I had the fortune to see a number of Thomas Daniell’s paintings in Delhi last month and was impressed.  The canvases were much larger than I had anticipated and the compositions delicate.  Daniell has a masterful understanding of light as can be seen in the work above.  He painted numerous works featuring Indian temples which were at the time appreciated for their ‘exoticism’ but are now valuable not only for their beauty but also as records of important monuments which in some cases have disappeared, or have been overly renovated, or are simply looking much the worst for wear.


Roma, Accademia di San Luca


Adam Hardy.  Indian Temple Superstructure.


Drawing of the Sarcophagus in Sir John Soane’s Museum.

Aside from being a brilliant architect, John Soane (1753-1837) was a collector and an highly eccentric individual.  His home in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, which he bequethed to the nation as a museum, is a wonderful, worthwhile place to visit.  The way in which he has played with light and darkness using windows, skylights, and stained glass is fascinating, and manages to transform a living space into an experience.  He even created a dark and eerie crypt in the basement which is pictured above.


Andrea Palladio


Frederick J Parkinson


Roma, Accademia di san Luca




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  1. Love this post! It so shows how architecture is an art form.

  2. Thank you/ obrigada!

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