Do you like the new look?

Please let me know!

This is no longer valid, because I decided that I didn’t like the new look 🙂 So on with the old…

~ by laxshmirose on June 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Do you like the new look?”

  1. Dear L
    I personally liked your last look better….but that is just me
    Much Love

  2. Yes, I agree, I shall revert shortly. Thanks!

  3. haha thats funny I was just going to tell you my whys…as i had an old link open and was looking at the two as a comparison. This is a very elegant and refined look…all those grey pin lines demarcating space. Size and gentle colour contrast of the fonts & background…for what you are showing it is the best wordpress theme out there, in my opinion, short of you then getting a programmer to further customise it for you (also a possibility).

  4. Thanks, I tested them all out and also think this is the most effective for images and the neatest choice. I may get an upgrade and try and make some changes myself… Thank you for your opinions!

  5. Oh! I think I came too late today… Have you changed it back to the previous one? I quite like it!

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