Is This The Most Beautiful Doorway in the World?

This elaborate multi-tiered doorway frames the entrance to the most sacred shrine of the ruined Gupta Dasavarata temple in Deogarh, Uttar Pradesh.  This exquisite mid to late 5th century temple is thought to be dedicated to the ten incarnations of Vishnu.  Its lavish doorway is embellished with dvarapalas (guardian figures), mithuna (loving couples), ganas (attendants of Shiva), makaras (crocodile-like creatures), nagas (semi-personified snakes), and Yaksis (nature demi-goddesses). Aside from the charming figural representations, the doorway abounds with vegetal motifs in the form of elegant vine scrolls and floral panels. I can scarcely believe the quality of the sculpture and the attention to detail here.  The lovely figures are voluptuous yet strong, and slightly less exaggerated in the hip to waist ratio than sculpted figures become later in India. Both the male and female figures sport ornate hairstyles and copious amounts of jewellery. The relief friezes at Angkor Wat come to mind when I look at these sculptures. There is not only a ritual purpose for this doorway, but also a sheer love of beauty, and joy on the part of the artists, in representing nature, gods, goddesses and mythical creatures.


And some other lovely doorways…

Notre Dame


~ by laxshmirose on November 7, 2010.

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