For anyone who loves Rajasthan: Bundi Palace

Sitting in a restaurant that evening we overheard a customer guilelessly telling the local waiter how VERY disappointed he was with the palace.  He has a point, but perhaps he could not see beyond the ramshackle and barren state of the building.  Today the external architecture is the most outstanding and attractive feature of the palace and makes for a dramatic sight positioned high on a hill, dwarfing the small town below.

The interior is in a state of semi abandonment, and presumably no one knows what to do with such a massive structure and how to pay for conservation.  Monkeys and bats now reside in rooms once belonging to kings. However, the many murals which decorate the private quarters are said to be the finest in Rajasthan and despite fading rapidly they are still exquisite, highly detailed, and full of entertaining stories depicting rulers and gods, Krishna in particular.

The first part of the palace was built by Rao Balwant Singh in 1580, and each of his successors made substantial additions to the building, resulting in a very large and charming hotch potch of styles sitting alongside each other with ease.

For me the highlight of our visit to Bundi, aside from seeing the murals, was dining on a roof terrace each night, overshadowed by the palace, lit up, and extraordinarily magical against the warm night sky.




















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One Response to “For anyone who loves Rajasthan: Bundi Palace”

  1. Some of the designs could be straight out of a William Morris style book, or I should say vice versa.

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