A Visual Feast.

The PhD has been keeping me rather too busy.  Something had to give and it was this blog. But meanwhile I have still been collecting pictures that inspire and delight, and continue to visit exhibitions and trawl through auction catalogues and art books. Here is an eclectic assortment of recent ‘finds’, from the bright, sunny paintings of John Craxton, to sumptuous Afghani tribal jewellery displayed at a recent, and rather wonderful British Museum exhibition.  My particular favourites from this collection are the stylish and lyrical works by Japanese artist Ray Morimura whom I shall be dedicating a post to shortly.

~ by laxshmirose on September 6, 2011.

5 Responses to “A Visual Feast.”

  1. Hey,

    I enjoy reading your blog :). It would be wonderful if you could put the name of the artist with each painting. That would help readers follow up on artists they like :).


  2. For old paintings, the place where they are, or time period, or anything to identify the painting….

  3. Hi Shweta, thanks! In future I will (too many here for me to deal with…) If there is a particular work from this post that you would like to know about then please ask!

  4. wonderful! I`m so tired of looking at the same things on and on, especially in our galleries an on our fairs. Your blog is really inspiring! please go on. – all the best – tanja

  5. Tanja, thank you so much for your encouragement. I’m glad you enjoy this collection of wonderful art! I will try to continue!

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