Where Cultures Meet…

I could happily spend hours gazing at pictures of chinoiserie wallpapers and fabrics. Somehow when the arts of two distant and very distinct cultures come together, the results are both balanced and mesmerising.  I find the same harmony and beauty in the arts produced during the Raj for a British (and sometimes Indian) clientele, where upon intricate Indian designs have been used in a rococco or Victorian setting.

The following images are examples of furniture and fabric manufactured in India most probably for the British residing there.  This selection comes from the Victoria and Albert museum in London (well worth a visit for anyone passing through the city).

Cabinet and Stand, c.1765, Vishakhapatnam

Ivory Chair, c.1785

Textile, c.1720, South-East India

~ by laxshmirose on April 26, 2010.

One Response to “Where Cultures Meet…”

  1. These are indeed full of wonder motives which give enjoyment and a wealth of inspiration for the fortunate contemporary artist who is able to draw from these past messages of harmony. Interestingly and coincidently the the word ‘Raj’ in Russian means Paradise.

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